Midterm Post: Student Drivers Express Thoughts About Upcoming Election

Voting for president is higher priority than voting on local measures for UO students


Elections are approaching and students express more concern for national issues rather than local policies


Eugene, Ore. -Student drivers at the University of Oregon had a huge say about their political views on Thursday about the presidential election, but not so much about whether policies should be passed or not in their local area.

The presidential election is getting closer and students are preparing to vote. Among students at the UO, 50 percent said they have already voted within the past couple of days, while 25 percent are planning on voting in the near future. The ones who have already voted did vote for the president, but did not spend too much time on voting for the local measures.

Quinn Peterson, a student at the UO, already voted and sent his ballot in the mail.


“I voted for Obama.” But Measure 80 wasn’t an issue that meant the most to him. The only votes he cast was for the president, Peter Defazio, and only a couple of local measures.“There wasn’t that much in the ballot I was interested in and I ended up skipping over a lot of the measures just ’cause I didn’t know what they were about.”

Another student, like Peterson, is more concerned about who she is voting for as president rather than worrying about what local policies should pass or not. Angelyn Hall hasn’t voted yet, but she plans to vote for Romney.“I honestly have never liked Obama’s policies. I didn’t like McCain either, but I would have chosen him over Obama. His policies are not my thing.”


Hall was asked about where she stands with Measure 80. It states whether allowing personal marijuana or hemp cultivation use without a license should be passed or not. “Legalize it, I really don’t care. People are going to do it anyway. Who cares.”

Many of the local measures are being ignored because students feel that our nation as a whole needs more attention than local politics.

Talia Davis, a sophomore at the University of Oregon, said that three specific issues are very important to her. “Education, the situation in Iran, and probably stuff with women.” Davis was set on who she wanted for president so she already voted. “I feel like Obama has already had his four years to kind of warm up and I feel like now if he has another four years, he can really make a change.”

She also did vote for some local measures and did have a say about Measure 80, but it isn’t as big as a concern for her as it is for national issues. She was asked about whether she voted for the local measures or not. “Yes, but I don’t remember which ones.”

Local measures on a ballot don’t appeal to many students at UO as much as voting for the president does, but students are making an effort to get out there to vote for issues that mean a lot to them.

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