Midterm Post: Melissa Murray

EUGENE, Ore.—Thursday afternoon reporting one blog interviewed people around the campus area that take the bus as a normal means of transportation. Students asked questions regarding the upcoming election.


Kiyo Clark, a 57 year-old bus driver makes his stops at 13th Avenue and Kincaid. He was undecided about who he was going to vote for. He has plans to look over the ballot this weekend and decide. “Between the two main candidates, I don’t think I would vote for either one, but I have to choose.” Clark said.  Clark has been so busy with work he has had no time to look over the measures and cast a vote.


Walking past the EMU at the University of Oregon, one might see a tent full of Barack Obama t-shirts. Oz Thomas is the owner of Obama Fashion, a small business to promote voting and Obama. When talking about the elections, Thomas was very positive. “Keep it simple, stay positive, that’s what we gotta do.” Thomas ads. He thinks whatever will happen, it will be the best. He is just trying to support his 11 year-old daughter, who happens to be the fifth fastest girl in the nation for the 100 meter, in her age group. He will make the best out of every situation that comes his way.


Kendall Brooke is a sophomore at the University of Oregon. She also plays soccer for the University. When it comes to politics, Brooke does not show much interest. When asked who she would vote for, she responded, “probably Romney, because of my parents.” Many students are busy with school or sports. There is not enough time to watch the debates or read the measures and decide one’s political views based on what is given to you in the voting packet. If Brooke finds the time to vote, she will swing more towards the right.


Candace Sumner is a physical therapist at the University of Oregon. Sumner is glad that the elections are almost over. Sumner is very knowledgeable about each party, but she leans towards the left. Sumner thinks the campaigns are misleading, and hard to understand. If anything, she is confused my politics in general. “I don’t understand why anyone would want to run for anything.” Sumner said. Sumner did take the time to vote this year and read each measure carefully. Sumner ends with the wise words of “Vote, just vote.”

About melissa4murray

My name is Melissa, but you can call me melmur. I am a Journalism student at the University of Oregon. I am a long and lanky athlete. I play lacrosse and I ride my Gravity board down big hills to pump adrenaline through my veins. I go on long bike rides with my Dad, while my Mother and I raid TravelZoo to find our next big adventure. I am fascinated by the Mexican culture. I lived in Queretaro for a year and stuffed myself with street tacos. I love Mexico. Despite what the media says about the dangers lurking in this country, I can tell you right now, there is nothing to worry about. I spent the majority of my time traveling and look! I am still alive. I love food, so we should meet up for lunch sometime!
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