Midterm Post: Longboarders and the Election

Longboarders near UO Fed Up with Current Politics.

With elections forthcoming, young adult opinion shows signs of distress and lack of faith in presidential candidates.

Chriss Goschie – SOJC Reporter

Eugene, Ore. –
Student longboarders at both the EMU and Knight Library on the University of Oregon campus expressed their political opinion on Thursday, some more vigorously than others.

As election day nears, and more political proponents canvas neighborhoods, these young men and women shared their own views. Among student longboarders at the UO, 50 percent said they side with Barack Obama, while 25 percent are for the incumbent candidate, Mitt Romney. Another 25 percent voiced their decision to not take part in the vote, expressing their dissatisfaction, and frustration, with the current system.

“I’m not gonna vote this year because I don’t want to.” Said Olie Bowden, local skater. Bowden went into some detail regarding political misinformation. He believes both candidates are lying, and everyone knows it. “I don’t support Obama either because I think he is a puppet kinda just like George Bush was.”

Olie Bowden

A very radical perspective, in contrast to his peers, Bowden admits his opinion doesn’t fall into line with most peoples. “I have some weird political views though, and I’m not going to live here, moving out of the country after this next year,” he said.

Kennedy Morgana, freshman at the University, kept it simple. “I’m voting for Obama, because Romney sucks.” Morgana’s opinion of Obama was similarly expressed among a majority of student skaters, like Stephen Barradough.

Stephen Barradough answers questions from Emily Carino

Barradough feels the president hasn’t been given enough time for his plan to work. “Romney is just going to cancel out what’s already been done, so I feel like we should just let Obama finish out what he has planned,” he said.

Contrary to Morgana’s and Barradough’s views, however, stood Patrick Hull, sporting a plastic, green, mini-cruiser. Hull feels Romney is the only viable choice. “Frankly, I don’t think Obama got the job done,” said Hull. He continued to explain his opinion in a very business-like manner, commenting that if someone doesn’t get the job done, you fire them. “I don’t like Romney but Obama is kind of a sinking boat.”

Patrick Hull

Pointing the finger at the polarization of congress, and their inability to compromise on issues, Hull feels it’s time for a change. “Romney is like the raft in shark infested waters, in the middle of the hurricane, and you don’t want to go on the raft but you’re not going to stay on the boat. Its how I look at it.”

With election day coming up in a couple of weeks, and the debates long over, these young adults will have some thinking to do before the big day.

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