J361: Midterm Part IV

Wide Range of Beliefs on UO Campus

Some hate elections, some love them, but most are participating.

By Cameron Walker

It’s an election year, and people on the University of Oregon campus aren’t as gung-ho liberal as stereotypes might suggest.

In an unscientific study done by a group from a Reporting 1 class, people showed a wide range of political beliefs and general beliefs about elections in general.

Some people are apathetic about the election. “Between the two main candidates, I don’t think I would vote for either one,” said LTD driver Kiyo Clark, about to start his route at the stop at 13th Avenue and Kincaid. Clark hasn’t opened his ballot yet, because of his busy work schedule and the fact that he’s a “last-minute type of person.” Voting is still important to him, however, as he plans to study his voter’s pamphlet this weekend and decide on the various issues and candidates.

Kiyo Clark is a “last-minute type of person.”

Some people love election season, like Oz Thomas, former UO student and owner of “Obama Fashion.” His booth stands out in front of the EMU, where he sells t-shirts and sweatshirts with images of President Obama. “I think it’s great, everybody contributing in their own way,” he said. Thomas plans to vote for Obama, but he’s going to do his best to “embrace differences of other parties.” The recent debates are “a lot of jabber,” he said, but he still finds them fun and entertaining. “I don’t base (my vote) on a conversation, or three.” Despite a lot of the negative feelings during an election, Thomas said that we should “keep it simple, stay positive, that’s we gotta do.”

Oz Thomas loves Barack Obama.

Soccer player Kendall Brooke, a UO sophomore, said she is likely voting for Mitt Romney because of her parents’ conservative views.

And some people are tired of the whole thing, like physical therapist Candace Sumner. “I’m glad it’s almost over,” she said. Sumner, who is “a little more left-leaning,” is less interested in the presidential election than in some of the issues going on right here in Eugene. Presidential campaigns are “very misleading,” she said. “It’s difficult to really know exactly what the information really is. I get tired of it.” She didn’t want to watch any of the presidential debates, and instead watched coverage of them on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Candace Sumner is tired of the election.

Sumner is more interested in Measure 81 because she’d “rather have a healthier way of catching fish.” She also would have liked to see a measure about the controversial EMX, because an EMX route to West Eugene would help her in her commute.

Even though Sumner is irritated by the elections, she had one piece of advice for everyone: “Vote. Just vote.”

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