“Why’s this so good?” Blazers Conquer the Nuggets recap

One of my all-time favorite blogs that cover the Portland Trail Blazers and one that I model my own after is Blazer’s Edge. They operate under a larger sports blog network called SB Nation and are covered by local Portland writers who understand the Blazers more than the average basketball fan and give great in-depth analysis as to topics of how great a certain player is, what to look out for in an upcoming game and thoughts about trades, new players, etc.

Blazer’s Edge is busy during game nights where they constantly update during a game and submit a full recap minutes after the final horn goes off. All the scores, points and percentages during that game are counted and given in a quick, simple and easy-to-read recap that gets right to the point: the Blazers won, here’s the score, who scored the most points and then end with highlights and details as to how the game progressed.

A recap of a game posted on Wednesday, October 17 was right after a preseason matchup between the Blazers and the Denver Nuggets at the Rose Garden in Portland, Ore. The game ended sometime around 9-9:15 p.m. and the recap was posted at 9:21 p.m. to get the news out as quick as possible.

Who won? Well the author who goes by Timmay starts off with an insight as to how the game went:

Wesley Matthews led the Portland Trail Blazers to a nice Rose Garden win against the Denver Nuggets. After a slow start, Coby Karl helped Wesley and the Blazers pull away from Denver and hide, keeping the Nuggets at bay with key shooting and passing.

Great, we know the box score as it’s in the title. Sport readers want to only know a handful of things and probably actually watched the game at home and want to know details that they didn’t see on TV.

The second paragraph gets into the juicy details of who was the leading scorer, which player had a bad night, how many three-point attempts did the Blazers make?

The Blazers were led by Wesley Matthews, who scored 19 on 7-12 shooting. LaMarcus Aldridge looked much better tonight, scoring 14 (also on 7-12 shooting). The story on the rooks got interesting: Nolan Smith (9 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds), starting for the injured Damian Lillard, settled in nicely with the starters, but Coby Karl (11 points, 5 assists) had a memorable night that will be sent by his agent to other teams. Joel Freeland (8 rebounds) and Victor Claver (13 points) both looked solid, Meyers Leonard had a quiet night but two huge dunks, and Will Barton got a few minutes to run.

Boom. That’s all normal sport fans need to know. But for those like myself who read everything Blazers and want to know more about the game itself by each quarter, we keep reading:

Coby Karl’s three-pointer helped the Blazers bench maintain their lead early in the fourth, as the teams played back and forth for the next half-quarter….But just as Denver closed to within 8, a Claver three sealed the win. Luke Babbitt added the dagger.

Perfect. Just what I wanted to know. Sometimes when there is a great highlight play that someone posted on YouTube, they will be saved till the end. It’s simple, easy, quick and right to the point just as sport readers love to see it. And why I keep checking Blazer’s Edge every ten minutes.

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