Why’s this so good? – Global Voices Blog

Global Voices International bloggers have great eye opening stories. Bloggers from all around the world and from many different nationalities write stories about their own back yards. It is very interactive with the readers allowing them to suggest stories or volunteer to do the stories themselves. All the stories are offered in a variety of languages and the stories are very flexible and based on a variety of issues and perspectives.

There are many different stories that can be found with in the blogs. One story gives great insight into issues that may not be in regular news sources,

Saudi Arabia: Women2Drive Steps Up Tone; Blames Government Policies

Written by Osama Khalid · Saudi Arabia “Women2Drive, later renamed Right2Dignity, has been campaigning for lifting the ban on women’s right to drive by calling for days in which women get behind the wheel and supporting lawsuits against the Interior Ministry for refusing to grant women driving licenses. Now they are blaming the government for the ban, saying that if the Saudi monarchy wanted to lift it, it would have done so earlier.”

Photos are also posted on the sight that also give perspective of life in different areas. A photo posted by Moad Aldabbagh @moadaldabbagh shares this photograph of a sign on a restaurant in Saudi Arabia. It reads: “Kindly note that unescorted ladies are not allowed.”

The stories found on this website allow a reader to view the world and news in a new way and show something that they may not have realized was an issue in other parts of the world. So often news is focused on the war, which is not a bad thing, but this focuses on the big news and the issues that are changing the world slowly

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