Gravity Surf

Gravity Surf is a company from Australia. Jacob Stanley is the founder of this business, which brings all aspects of the surfing culture into one. Gravity Surf is a team, fashion and sponsorship opportunities for those who want to peruse surfing as a career.

The blogging style on the Gravity Surf website is more visual. There are 3 main riders, and the blog consists of photos of them. The main idea of the website is to promote the surfers as well as the clothes they wear.

Stanley is also into filming, so future blogging styles might consist of action videos of riders like Judd Brown and Ben Howard. Gravity Surf is from Australia , so it will be exciting to see the updates from surf breaks like Bells Beach and the Sunshine Coast.

About melissa4murray

My name is Melissa, but you can call me melmur. I am a Journalism student at the University of Oregon. I am a long and lanky athlete. I play lacrosse and I ride my Gravity board down big hills to pump adrenaline through my veins. I go on long bike rides with my Dad, while my Mother and I raid TravelZoo to find our next big adventure. I am fascinated by the Mexican culture. I lived in Queretaro for a year and stuffed myself with street tacos. I love Mexico. Despite what the media says about the dangers lurking in this country, I can tell you right now, there is nothing to worry about. I spent the majority of my time traveling and look! I am still alive. I love food, so we should meet up for lunch sometime!
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