Bicycle Report

Eugene, OR- Local cyclists shared their feelings about using bicycles as their primary mode of transportation throughout the city.

In the bicycle friendly city of Eugene, bike lanes, bike racks, and bike shops riddle the streets.  Many Eugenians cherish biking as an efficient and inexpensive way to get to their destinations.  “ It makes me feel like I’m doing my part to save the environment” said Dana Wisemann.  On a cloudy Saturday afternoon, Cyclists shared many ideas about being apart of the bicycling community.

As gas prices are on the rise, Allison Bostrom felt as though bicycling is an important part of maintaining her budget.  “ Riding my bike is an easy way for me to save a couple of bucks that I would normally spend on gas”, said Bostrom.  She continued to say, “ I tend to spend a lot of money on parking when I drive so it’s nice to be able to park my bike for free and close to where I’m going.”  The cost implications of being a motorist were also on the mind of Brent Mangum who said, “ I bike everywhere because it doesn’t cost me anything.”

Even though cyclists had a lot of positive things to say about biking in Eugene, many interviewees feared theft.  Bike theft is an ongoing issue in Eugene.  Unsurprisingly enough, bikers feel the need to be extremely aware of the matter so that they don’t become another statistic.  Meghan McGuire said “My bike hasn’t gotten stolen but I hear lots of stories about it happening around here.” Interviewee Mangum stated that he had his bike stolen last year, but does his best to make sure it does not happen again.

With the fall comes the rain.  Eugenians are preparing to ride in the less than ideal weather conditions that come with the rainy season.  “ I have lots of waterproof gear that will keep me dry” said Jane Ward.  “ The rain won’t keep me from riding” Ward added.  Some aren’t as willing to take on the rain as Ward.  Bostrom plans on putting her bike away until the spring once the rain settles in.

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