J361 LTD Bus Prices: Un”Fare?”

Bus fares in Eugene are going up, and people aren’t happy about it. In the last four years, the fares for LTD buses have almost doubled. The price for a day pass four years ago is now the price for a one-way ride.

“I’m just really glad that the term started, and I got my pass,” said Lane Community College freshman Marissa Goodman. She frequently used the bus during the summer to go visit her boyfriend, and “it was getting a little expensive.” As an LCC student, she now has a bus pass that can get her anywhere for free.

Non-students, however, are really feeling the price increase. Willamette University graduate Aaron Widenor was “shocked” about the bus prices when he came back to Eugene. “I don’t have a pass,” he said. “It makes me not want to go out as much,” he said. “Now I wish I had a car.”

Carly McKenzie, a high school student, tries to avoid using the bus as much as she can. “I’m kind of jealous,” she says. At her high school, the student body card used to act as an LTD bus pass. “Because of all the budget cutbacks,” she says, this is no longer the case. But, at the same time, she isn’t complaining. “I get it, I guess,” she says. “Times are tough,” and prices are going to increase. “There isn’t much I can really do about it.”

Right now, LTD bus fares are as follows: a one-way ride for an adult costs $1.75. A day pass, good for unlimited rides on a given day, costs $3.50. A bus pass that lasts a month costs $48.00.


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