UO Campus Bus Traffic

Before the morning rush of frantic University of Oregon students racing to class begins, the public transportation buses are in full swing. Buses that cater specifically to University of Oregon students and the locations they need to get to help students arrive on time for classes. As the campus bus slows gradually near the Duck Store, students are eager to jump off the still moving vehicle and run to class with their backpacks bouncing.

The UO station departs from several different locations – Hilyard, Willamette, Seneca Station, Eugene Station, Lowell/LCC, and Kinsrow. This makes it convenient for students to save gas and money for transportation to school. Junior student Marcela Bittencourt says, “taking the bus makes it easy for me since I can’t afford a car right now. I don’t have to pay for it.”

Obviously the Lane Transit District has designed an efficient system dedicated to the stereotypical “starving” college student. Students can simply flash their student identification cards that prove they attend the University of Oregon and ride the bus for free. “It sucked when I lost my I.D. because I didn’t know what to do,” says senior student Jay Filley, “I just ended up getting rides from friends, I didn’t know if they’d still let me on the bus.” Clearly this would be an issue for students who don’t have cars or other means of transportation. Filley elaborates more on past situations, saying “the rain makes it hard to get to class, regardless if I am taking the bus or not. We (college students) aren’t very motivated ourselves to get ourselves to class on time then (rain)”. This seems to be a common problem for most Oregon kids since it does rain quite often in the Pacific Northwest region.

Powered by the Lane Transit District, the bus offers a variety of hours at bus stops so that students can ride to and from class conveniently.  On most days, the bus runs from 5 in the morning until 11 at night. Students have no excuse for not having transportation to get to the library to study for finals, meet with a teacher after school hours, or just arrive school on time. A big issue that will probably never resolve itself is the factor that college students can be night owls and really value their sleep. With this, many students seem to miss the bus and not make it to class. “I’ve overslept way too many times, and then I end up missing important stuff at school,” says student-athlete Lena Macomson. “I have to go to practice before and then take the bus, so the days that I do get to sleep in I sometimes accidentally take advantage of.”

Despite the various responsibilities that Oregon students have, whether they are jobs, sports, or school, they know that public transportation services are there to ease the stress of these responsibilities and get them where they need to be. More young adults might want to take advantage of these free services, especially if the campus bus system was promoted more at school. There doesn’t seem to be much room for excuses when it comes to getting to school because the bus gives students so many opportunities for fast and free transportation. With this, it is the student’s responsibility to wake up on time for class or work, and arrive at the local bus stop before the bus pulls up. Students do have to meet the bus half way, in that if they do their part in getting there, the bus will guarantee a safe and convenient ride to campus.

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