Observation at 13th and Patterson (J361)

Eugene, Ore. – Just like any other weekday, the streets of Eugene, Oregon are busy with different kinds of motorists and foot traffic going to various destinations on a lovely Friday.

The corner of 13th street and Patterson is no exception. Just blocks away from the University of Oregon campus, this section of road sees all kinds of people, students heading to and from class, people running errands or school children crossing the street heading home for the weekend.

It’s a bright and sunny day, but cold and damp and this morning people who are brave enough to walk are bundled up in plenty of coats. It’s almost that time of year in Oregon when the rain sets in, and numerous passerby’s carry rain jackets or even an umbrella, just in case.

The air is crisp and cool, dry enough for plenty of bike riders who use this path and the neighboring bike lanes to get around town like everyone else in cars. They have to ride alongside busy cars passing by, but when the road clears up, cyclists can’t be bothered with road rules and keep peddling on through stop signs or even a red light.

One cyclist pushes the envelope when it comes to safety as he wears the distinctive white Apple iPod ear buds in his ears, which knows what if he can hear any traffic around him.

Cyclists of all ages come through 13th and Patterson, some families on a afternoon ride, but it’s mainly college students going off campus to eat at some neighboring eateries or speeding towards class with heavy sagging backpacks.

The types of bikes are different each time someone passes by, mountain bikes with their large bulky tires, Schwinn bikes and beach cruisers and their skinny frames.

It’s all too quiet but somehow that seems just right.

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