Fire Truck Interrupts Bus Traffic

Between the corners of 13th and Patterson and 13th and Hilyard, much traffic keeps the campus district busy throughout the days. On a Saturday early evening, 2 buses passed by a small neighborhood bus stop along with 1 fire truck. There wasn’t much rush hour traffic, but definitely a fair amount of honking horns and screeching brakes as cars skid down the damp roads. The buses were not nearly as loud, only rumbling softly as they pulled up to the stop and releasing a sort of “sigh” from the engine. Only 4 passengers loaded the bus in total, possibly because it was not as busy of a night on the weekend.

The fire truck caused the most commotion. Big buses passing down the one -way streets are expected, staying in their own lanes and smelling of wet gasoline as they glide through the campus region. The fire truck stopped right in front of the under-stated bus stop, flashing its bright lights and activating its sirens. Men in jumpsuits jumped out of the moving vehicle, but then simply walked around the truck checking it as if it was a routine they performed regularly. It was a confusing sight for sure, but seemed safe and free of emergencies or disasters.

This commotion was completely distracting for street traffic. Cars slowed to watch as firemen slid across the wet pavement in their jumpsuits and called out to one another. The one-way direction of the street made it difficult for bikers as well. They were thrown off by the scene and seemed frazzled as they stopped their bikes in front of the bus stop to walk quietly past the corner.

This incident may throw off the bus schedule on the weekends, especially if this happens on a regular basis. Passengers waiting for the bus were not able to wait underneath the covering of the bus stop. People did their best to avoid the distracting scene of sirens and a loud running fire engine.

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