Blue Heron Bicycles (J361)

Since serving the University of Oregon and Eugene area for the past 26 years, the Blue Heron Bicycle shop has seen plenty of bicycles and new and experienced riders throughout the years.

Located on 13th avenue next to the University bookstore, Blue Heron not only has a wide variety of bikes for sale, they also provide same day repairs and rentals for those who need to use a road bike for the day.

According to their official website, they also “specialize in repairs of classic bikes, and also build custom bikes”.

Aside from the seemingly hundreds of bicycles for sale, they also are stocked with plenty of helmets, bike pads, handle bars and baskets to locks and different varieties of chains for the most experienced bicyclist.

One cruiser for sale that’s named the Electra Navajo, complete with Native American designs on the bike frame and a large brown basket goes for $700.

Two men who came in on a cloudy and damp afternoon during the weekend to look through new bicycle helmets, speaking to each other in bicyclist language that wouldn’t make much sense to those who don’t know bikes.

Blue Heron is seeing their fare share of flat tires today, “seems to be the order today” said Eli, a store employee who lifts a mountain bike on a lift to be checked out of six total that need to be looked out.

He and owner Sue Keller are running the store who balance helping out customers and taking time to repair bikes, many have trouble-keeping air in the tires.

“I’ve been repairing bikes since I was born,” said Keller with a faint voice, “ever since I rode my Schwinn Pixie home from school going downhill.” Many people who come into the store would never know that Keller is the owner of Blue Heron; she doesn’t wear anything that would give her position away.

“She blends in and looks like an employee,” said Eli,  “it’s funny sometimes when people talk about the store or ask about the manager right in front of her and they don’t even know it.”

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