Reasons to Ride

Where you are going can be a big determining factor in how you commute, but many people gave the same pros and cons for why riding your bike is the best choice for close to town targets.

On a surprisingly sunny Saturday morning in Eugene, Oregon many different forms of transportation could be observed at the University of Oregon and the shops around the area. Eugene has bike paths and lanes all around town that lead to many different destinations, but why would some one choose to use this method over another that may be more efficient? Many had the same reasons; Sienna Shultze uses her bike because she doesn’t own a car and she feels that it is a good option because it is cheap, gives exercise, and is fun. She did say that some downsides are the weather and safety issues.

It is a well known fact that Eugene is rainy most days through fall and winter seasons. This weather was one of the leading cons to riding a bike, Nick Watson said that rain was the biggest downfall for him because you always get that “water line down your back” and that it can make riding a little more dangerous on top of dealing with traffic and avoiding people.

A topic that has been just about beaten to death in Eugene is bike theft. Bike theft is prominent in Eugene, which made bike-lock-maker Kryptonite’s top-10 list of “Worst Cities for Bike Theft” in 2005 — the only city on the list with a population less than 400,000, according to the Register Guard article “Gone in a Flash.” Mckenzie Cooper likes to ride her bike because it saves her money on gas, is non-pollutant to the air and is faster than walking. Unfortunately she said her bike had just been stolen last week from the porch rail of her apartment, this being the top reason her number one con to using a bike in Eugene is bike theft.

There can be a variety of reasons to use your bike but many agree that it is a better way to get around. Ava Huffman agrees that riding a bike is good because it is faster, greener, and good exercise. Taking a bike is popular in Eugene but it does take some extra attention and effort to make sure you will be safe on the street and  with protecting your possessions.

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