Portland Vegan Food Scene Tweets

The vegan food scene in Portland is at its peak with a new vegan restaurant or food cart opening every two weeks. People in the community are eager to inform others of changes or new developments in the vegan community. Here are some of the most active Twitter users that are talking about the Portland vegan food scene:

Jess Sconé

Twitter Username: @getsconed

Jess Sconé has a blog titled Get Sconed! Her entries are filled with information on vegan restaurants, her reviews of those restaurants, and her culinary adventures in the kitchen. Here is a tweet where she links to an entry on her blog about vegan options at a new Portland restaurant:

Food Fight! Grocery

Twitter Username: @ffgrocery

Food Fight! Grocery is an all vegan grocery store that opened in Portland in 2003. Their Twitter feed is filled with details on their sales and shipments of products, but most importantly they try to get word out about local vegan eateries. Here is a prime example:


Food Mountain

Twitter Username: @foodmtn

Food Mountain is a vegan food and restaurant blog that informs others on the Portland vegan food scene through reviews and tips. The Food Mountain’s Twitter feed is updated often with suggestions to fellow Twitter users on vegan restaurants in Portland they should try, as seen here in this tweet:


If you want to know what vegan restaurant to visit on a Friday night or what Portland vegan bakery has the best scones, these are the Twitter users you should follow and ask.

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