Outdoor Enthusiasts On Twitter

Whether you want to play outside, photograph outside, venture outside and write about it, Twitter is a great place to connect with other outdoor enthusiasts for an array of information; biking, hiking, skiing, gear, videos, photographs, tips and more. This Twitter environment can seem difficult when trying to locate specific information because the information isn’t organized in a user-friendly fashion.

Outdside Magazine Online covers anything and everything that has to do with being outside. You can find news, random facts, information about live discussions, photography and videos. Outside Magazine Online is the e-version of the print magazine, “Outside”.
Learn how to stay safe from lightening.

Or my favorite;


Women’s Adventure
Women’s Adventure is a Twitter account for Women’s Adventure Magazine, an e-version of their print magazine, “Women’s Adventure”. Their core audience is, hint hint, women outdoor enthusiasts.
Whether it is encouraging their readers,

or, helping readers prepare their children for an adventure,

Women’s Adventure shares information varying from health focused for women, tips for mothers, photographs and much more. Go ahead and share anything relative to @womensadventure and you might get a reply back! They are very interactive with their followers.

REI is a outdoor store that has almost every product an outdoor enthusiast may want or need. Based out of the Pacific Northwest in Seattle, WA, REI like to “inspire, educate and outfit for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship. We like thumbwars too!” Their Twitter doesn’t have much about their products but more rather a hub of inspiring words, stories and comments that get you pumped up for adventuring outdoors!

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