Video Game Bloggers on Twitter

Video gamers love to blog about the latest and the greatest, and they also like to tweet about it. I was able to find three dedicated gamers who keep their Twitter followers up to date on their gaming accomplishments.

The first gamer I found on Twitter was Brittney Brombacher. Yes, a girl. I was glad to see a girl gamer with her own blog and many followers on Twitter. It’s nice to know there are other girl gamers out there.

This tweet is in response to the Ohio State University Marching Band’s video game halftime show. A must see!

Another tweet of Brittney’s comments on the new Resident Evil 6:

The second video game blogger I found was Geoff Keighley. He’s a video game journalist and the host of Spike TV’s GTTV. His posts are frequent and of course the majority is about video games and video game events he attends.

Here’s another tweet about the new Resident Evil game by Geoff:

I think it’s great Geoff connects with his followers and fellow gamers:

A third video game blogger I discovered on Twitter is Rob Bunce, Chief Editor of Rob seems pretty busy with his work as an editor for a website, but also appears to enjoy his work.

Rob also attends video game events and posts about it on Twitter:

It’s nice to follow video gamers on Twitter because they post the latest news and tips. It’s a great community!

-Abby Bochsler

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