Food Truck Twitter Accounts

Food trucks are a culinary trend that feeds people in a casual and easy way. These small eateries on the West Coast use Twitter to help people search and find great gourmet meals on-the-go, provides updates on specials and new menu items, and posts videos and images of many unique dishes.

Food Trucks & Carts

Food Trucks & Carts @MobileCravings posts updates about new food trucks and provides links to, an online directory that allows consumers to find food trucks and carts in particular areas. When a craving strikes, this website is quite reliable.

LA Food Trucks

LA Food Trucks has a Twitter and blog that was established in 2009. LA Food Trucks keeps consumers updated with top news stories regarding new upcoming food trucks, as well as top food trucks that must be visited in Los Angeles, CA. Consumers get the chance to find and follow LA food trucks live with LA Food Truck’s online community.

The Act Food Truck

The Act Food Truck takes their grub to the streets and serves delicious meals that many people desire. The Act Food Truck uses Twitter to post locations where their food is served, provides links to food trucks that have good food deals, and much more.

Carl Davidson

Carl is a food truck fanatic that keeps Twitter updated with video posts about food trucks. The You tube video that is posted below is about Food Trucks @Rackspace. The videos give people a chance to see how the food truck business brings the community to the streets.

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