The Underground Hip-Hop/Rap Twittersphere

-Jenny Affan

Finding underground hip-hop/rap Tweeters isn’t the easiest task. There isn’t an exact way to Google it so I had to do a little digging.  Alas, I did find four Twitters that all displayed great content being shared to their followers.

Kevin Nottingham is the owner of his own underground hip-hop/rap site. His tweets mainly feature new articles being created daily for his website. He oversees a lot of the submissions that new artists send into his site, hoping he will feature their music. 

In this tweet, Kevin shares his frustration.

Daily he tweets the new content being posted on his site.

I found Brandon Roos from Kevin Nottingham’s website because he works as a writer for him. Although, he isn’t an avid tweeter, when he does tweet he tweets about interviews he does with artists. 

Here is a tweet where shares a feature he wrote for a different site.

Jeremiah is also a writer for Kevin Nottingham and his twitter offers an abundance of information. He shares his honest opinions about artists and recently has tweeted photos of his trip to a hip hop festival

This tweet is about some of the artists that are going to be at the festival and his opinion after hearing their material.

He has been on the scene for quite some time as he tweets here about one of his favorite interviews.

Dan Grube is a blogger for Fresh New Tracks and has a lively twitter account. He tweets often about new artists and suggests new songs for his followers to check out. 

He often tweets unknown artists to get their name known.

About jennyaffan

Jenny is a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in Journalism with a digital and social media focus. She can be contacted at
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