Twitter Accounts for Student Debt

Student debt is a relatively new topic considering the sudden influx in loans students have acquired. Therefore, there isn’t as much of an established base as I would love to be able to find.

But, as a journalist who loves digging things up, I was able to find some very credible twitter accounts that could keep me up to date on all student debt happenings.


Their tweets are largely about informing their community about how student debt can hurt you, how you can help yourself, and how you can pass legislation to forgive student loan debt. They are comprised of many links to news sources as well as giveaways and links from their own blog,


The Young Invincibles (what YI stands for) is the twitter account for a blog of the same name that states simply, “Together, Invincible.” They tackle financial issues, from Jobs and Economy to Health Care. Lately, though, they have been largely focused on the topic of student debt, posting links to stories and student stories about their experience with student debt.


Tyler is an assistant editor for the Huffington Post’s College section. He posts stories about all sorts of topics, but every day or two he comes out with something about student debt and grants. Being at the Huffington Post, I’m sure Kingkade will have a lot to say about the upcoming election and will connect/retweet many sources.


By far the most credible twitter account I found. Mark Kantrowitz is an expert in financial aid and all things related. He is the publisher of Fastweb and He authored a book called The Secrets to Winning a Scholarship. On his account, he answers questions people ask about their specific cases as well as retweets accounts who have articles and commentary on student debt. Convinced, yet?


These guys are kind of a wild card. Their twitter account is filled with information gathered from around the internet about how to save and earn money, but their website seems to be a PR agency. Regardless, they find good articles.

-Branden Andersen

About Branden Andersen

Branden is a senior journalism major focusing on magazine journalism at the University of Oregon. He currently is the managing editor at FLUX magazine.
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