Portland Trail Blazers Bloggers on Twitter

The Portland Trail Blazers basketball team and the NBA as a whole use Twitter to connect with fans, share breaking news, photos and share inside looks to our favorite basketball players.

Plenty of sports journalists report rumors on a day-to-day basis and teams even have their own public relation teams that handle their official Twitter accounts to give fans a look into what goes on behind the scenes. There are a lot of Twitter handles that I could list but the most accountable are Oregon sport journalists that know the Blazers the best.

Jason Quick @jwquick

Jason Quick is a senior sportswriter for The Oregonian and has been covering the Blazers for the past 13 seasons. He gets inside information to trade rumors, injury updates during the season and other thoughtful insights. When it’s reported by Jason Quick, people listen and know he’s reliable.

Mike Barrett @blazermb

Mike Barrett along with Mike Rice is the play-by-play announcer for the team on television and his Twitter posts are useful to see and hear what goes on during the season like on a roadtrip or personal views on what he sees during games. He also answers questions to anyone who asks and is very knowledgeable.

John Canzano @JohnCanzanoBFT

Anyone in sports journalism in the state of Oregon knows about John Canzano, Oregonian sports reporter and host of The Bald Faced Truth on 750 AM The Game in Portland. He’s known for his harsh and sometime critical comments that make you either love or hate him. Aside from reporting about the Blazers he reports on the Ducks, Beavers, Mariners and Timbers.

Joe Freeman @BlazerFreeman

Much like Jason Quick, Joe Freeman covers the Blazers for The Oregonian and gets behind the scene looks into what happens during practices, road trips and interviews with coaches, players and other members of the teams. He also reports on breaking news concerning late injuries and trade rumors.

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