SEC Conference Blog

The Southeastern Conference has always set the tone for College Football season. It includes teams who strive for consistent success in athletics and promotes a fan base that lives and breathes the sport of football. Many of these 14 academic instutions maintain a top 25 AP poll ranking and play in national bowl games that keep them as front-runners.

The SEC network blog, mostly run by Cara Capuano, is the best place to find the most recent sideline reports and updates for football games. The blog is primarily for the conference’s own network and a great way to follow current standings and each game of the week. It also introduces new reporters and sources who specialize in covering SEC football so that fans can stay fully updated.

Online, the SEC digital network provides coverage of the latest stories, games, and interviews for the conference each day. Reporters get the inside scoop on what coaches, players, and other influential sources have to say about their teams.

ESPN provides blogs for all the athletic conferences. The SEC blog updates fans with specific reports and news about each team and is updated the most frequently.

Saturday Down South is also a great source for SEC and all college football fans to use. It provides the latest rankings, bowl projections, human-interest stories, and general conference updates. It even connects readers to other SEC news around the web. This way, it is a successful portal that promotes a wide variety of SEC football news.

Bleacher Report is a reliable website that reports on many schools in their various sports, but also focuses on the SEC conference news in football. Reporter Barrett Sallee is the Lead SEC Writer for Bleacher Report and posts even more about the conference on his twitter account.

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