West Coast Food Trucks Beat Blog

-Jeanne Pastore

What better way to engage in city life than to experience the great food options served on the streets from mobile kitchens, also known as “food trucks.” These restaurants on wheels bring many benefits to people who love to grub. Along the West Coast, food trucks have offered the finest of foods for a great price. Not only do food trucks offer great tasting food, but its an express station that allows people to eat on the run.

These street carts have become gathering places for many visitors because they offer the best valued foods. Chefs get the chance to feature their creations to not only one specific destination, but to many places on a regular basis.

The Food Truck Tracker site Frisky Food Trucks allows people to search for food trucks in their area. Not only are they able to search the types of food that is available nearby, but this site provides a map, exact locations, and links to posted food truck websites that allow people to view menus online.

The Trippy Travels Blog about food trucks offers the West Coast’s finest meals on wheels. It offers information on where to find the best carts, includes photos, and lets others comment about their personal experiences with food trucks.

For people who are visiting or live in San Francisco, Hungry Photographer’s Food Blog offers recommended food trucks in the area. Food truck links are provided and it is updated quite frequently.

If you want to find the best quality food around that is offered from food carts, QSR magazine has an article that promotes the Top 20 Food Trucks in America. People get a glimpse at what particular food trucks have to offer from Seattle all the way to Los Angeles.

The Travel Channel website takes you on a road trip to finding the most indulging foods on the streets in the area where you live. Valerie Conners provides readers with descriptions of various places that feature “creative cuisine.”

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