Skating Beat

For decades, skating (skateboarding in particular) has been a sport that many participate in, but few accept socially. Unfortunately for the community and riders alike, skateboarding, undeniably, comes with certain negative connotations. Associations with drugs, alcohol, vandalism, and many more illegal activities have overshadowed the skating scene and given it a bad reputation throughout communities.

Skateboarding is not a crime, nor should it be perceived as one. Yes, it is illegal to grind the handrail of a UO administration building, but this is why communities and skaters have come together to create skate parks, or areas where skateboarding knows no boundaries.

In recent years, The X-Games and household name skateboarders, like Tony Hawk, have made efforts to give back to the community in efforts to disprove the public’s negative beliefs towards the sport and riders. In fact, Hawk created The Tony Hawk Foundation in order to raise money in communities where skateboarding is popular, but skate parks are not present. This not only benefits skaters by giving them an ideal location to try a new trick, but also helps communities that have dealt with vandalism and other public misdemeanors from skateboarding in the past.

Here in Eugene, the community has already taken action by providing skaters various options of skate parks. Hopefully, these parks help keep skaters safe and the Eugene community clean.

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