Endangered Species Beat

Animal populations are rapidly decreasing mainly as a result of humans through habitat destruction, poaching, pollution, and hunting. The population of many of the world’s most beautiful animals such as polar bears, turtles, orangutans, tigers, and elephants, have significantly decreased. One of the biggest things that can be done to help save these animals is to make people aware of the impact that they have on the world. Today, more than ever, there is a need for journalists to report on this topic so that people will try to help make a change.

The New York Times did a story this week on the Ivory Wars in Africa. Park rangers have recently been finding many dead elephants who have been killed and stripped of their ivory. In one case, they came across the bodies of a group of elephants who died trying to protect their babies against poachers.

Photojournalists that are focusing on wildlife are Brent Stirton who is also investigating the illegal elephant ivory trade.

Gordon Buchanan is a film maker that focuses on endangered animals.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Buchanan

 Simon King is also a film maker that focuses on wildlife. 

There are many twitter accounts that focus on endangered species conservation in journalism. On the guardian website there was a list of the top 50 twitters that talked about wildlife conservation. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/blog/2010/jun/04/top-50-twitter-conservation-wildlife

Some of these were: Rain forrest alliance, Nature Conservatory, Earthwatch Institute, Sierra Club, Earth News, Species of the Day, Endangered species coalition,





National Geographic has a section on both photography and animals that provide an excellent source for topics related to endangered species. Also, they publish some of the best and most influential environmental photography.



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