Beat Blog Post: Outdoor Adventures

Living in the Pacific Northwest is beneficial for the daily adventure seeker or any one who enjoys experiencing the great outdoors. Kayaking, hiking, skiing, biking, rock climbing, they all can be done in our corner of the United States with great satisfaction.

The National Geographic Adventure blog and twitter account is a great hub for a daily dose of adventure advice, stories and photography. What’s great about this blog is its contributors are not only professional adrenaline-seekers but are photographers and storytellers. You can see first hand how a 21-day floating trip through 280 miles of the Grand Canyon through the writer’s ability to be able to vividly talk about the experience while giving readers confidence that any one can seek adventure…with success.

National Geographic Adventure @ngadventure

An adventure has been found! Need equipment? Or guidance in planning your day or weekend escapade? The University of Oregon has an amazing outlet for students and staff (this most likely isn’t helpful to those who don’t attend the U of O) the Outdoor Program. Clothes, helmets, gear, vans, longboards, snowshoe equipment, anything you can think of (well, almost) is available at affordable prices for any UO duck. The Outdoor Program staff is also there to help guide your planning efforts and make sure you well-informed of any cautionary steps.

@UOAdventure is a great local, twitter account ran by Amy, a Travel Lance co intern and UO senior. Her goal is to help get students off their butts and explore Eugene and the surrounding outdoors!

Hiking is something new for me so I don’t have much experience choosing trails for my experience, the current weather conditions, all that jazz. NW Hiker does just that! As their website states, it “exists to provide the hiker, biker, climber, and all outdoor enthusiasts with the necessary information to make an informed decision as to when and where to explore the extraordinary wildernesses of the great Pacific Northwest.” It is as if you have your own travel guide tailored for not only hikers. They have detailed maps of trails that inform you of key information such as the distance of trails, weather. The site also provides helpful guides, photography or past hikes and other resources to keep you informed.

The best magazine and online website is Outside. They have everything and anything in regards to the outdoors. Want to follow this year’s Everest expedition from the eyes of the people there? Check. Need helpful fitness tips? They’ve got you covered. Do you want ideas for your bucket list or leisurely gaze at beautiful photographs? Go check out Outside Online. Fortunately, the University of Oregon is the 18th best college in the U.S. for students who thrive outdoors, according to Outside.

Outside @outsidemagazine

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