Automobiles in Eugene

As students at the University of Oregon enter their second week of classes, the city of Eugene begins to show it’s true colors. Yes, the leaves on the trees are changing colors. Yes, the Ducks continue their NCAA Football winning streak, but something is even more prevalent.


Eugene is a big small-city. Pedestrians (mostly students) can be found just about anywhere at any given time of day. The image above displays the difficulties automobile drivers experience when driving close to campus. 13th street and The Duck Store are prime locations for heavy foot-traffic.


As a vehicle driver in Eugene, it is crucial to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Like the city itself, these pedestrians are unpredictable. Bikers, walkers, skaters, etc. can jet out of any alley way right in front of a car at any given moment.


The image above is a great example of how vehicular transportation becomes more acceptable (and common) as one travels further away from campus. The parking garage on 10th and Broadway (above) displays an array of cars, without the numerous pedestrians walking every which way.

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