Beat Blog: Photojournalism in the Middle East

The conflict in the Middle East is one of the most prominent topics covered in our media. In areas ranging from the Egyptian uprising to the United States’ presence in the region, photojournalists and correspondents work tirelessly to update and educate the public.

People like Massoud Hossaini, winning a Pulitzer Prize for his work covering suicide bombings in Kabul, Afghanistan, are risking their lives daily to put faces on statistics. 

Jonathan Rashad, covering the Egyptian uprising and Matthew Cassel, a photographer for Al-Jazeera English, cover locales and events with a point of view rarely experienced by Western culture.

Zoriah, another photojournalist who blogs regularly, has photographs taken from the region as well as areas affected by the regions conflict, such as Afghan refugees in Paris, France.

Among putting faces to the statistics spewed by countless information outlets, these photographers risk their lives to let us see something some regularly take for granted. That’s a good enough reason to learn who they are and why they do it.

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