Video Games Beat Blog

Video game blogs can inform the reader of many important things, such as new upcoming games, release dates, cheat codes, and guides. Some video game blogs are specific in their content. For example, there are some blogs that are only dedicated to fighting games. Most video game blogs, however, cover all types of games across all consoles. These type of blogs are very useful and appear to be the most successful.

One such blog is called Video Games Blogger. This site is user friendly because with every topic (i.e. cheats), it allows you to select which console you would like that specific information for. That to me seems very efficient. It also has a search bar to find information quickly. Other topics include guides, walkthroughs, news, and reviews. The only downside is it’s not as personable as I believe a blog should be. There’s no page talking about any of the writers or editors.

Another great video game blog is That VideoGame Blog. It doesn’t organize its news, tips, and cheats by console like the above blog, but does cover games across all consoles. It has a search bar and organizes its gaming news with the latest material at the top. This blog also has a page that introduces the team with a bio about each author or editor. Another positive aspect about this blog is that it has forums, which is a great way to make the gamers feel like they also have a voice to share their opinions about various video games.

A third blog I stumbled upon is called Gamer Syndrome. It’s also an efficient video game blog, providing gamers with the latest gaming news. It has a team of gamers running the site, as described in the blog’s “About us” page, but doesn’t have individual descriptions of the team. This blog does have separate pages for several consoles with the latest news on games for that platform. It even has a page for iPhone games!

Video game blogs are fun and beneficial, both for the readers and the bloggers. The video game beat writer world is constantly changing as new games and consoles are released, but that just makes it all the more fun with new games to play and review!

-Abby Bochsler

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