Underground Hip-Hop/Rap Beat Blog

-Jenny Affan

I was first introduced to underground hip hop/rap scene when my cousin, who lives in Seattle, created his own group called Hushd Puppies several years ago.  When I first laid my ears on the songs and sound his group were creating it didn’t light a flame of curiosity within me. I wasn’t familiar with hearing a simple but an obvious well thought out beat that was accompanied by line after line of actual lyrics.  My ears had been trained to be fond of the sound that the radio seemed to vomit out at you. After some growing up and life realizations about what mainstream music was tailored to do, I developed a deep admiration for underground hip-hop/rap artists.

It wasn’t until about two years ago I realized many of the hip hop/rap songs on mainstream radio contained zero substance.  I will admit that most will trap you with their over produced mediocre beats, but what really turned me off was the lack of depth in the words they were saying.  Too many mainstream artists like to flaunt their “get money, girls, drugs” façade all too much and mainly this is because they are puppets for the record labels that manage them. And what’s even more disturbing, myself included, have supported this less than awesome approach to what’s suppose to be quality music.

Today, I’m glad to say I’m a proud supporter and devoted listener of underground hip-hop/rap. Many artists who aren’t motivated by a label create musical art straight from their own hands and mind.

Kevin Nottingham 

I enjoy going to this site and blog because the reviews for albums are always honest and straightforward. Each reviewer then rates the album from up to ten stars, which is nice to see a plain and simple grade. There is also another very intriguing section titled “The Underground Rundown,” which is a summary of the week in underground hip-hop/rap news. Kevin Holloway is one of my favorite writers for the site and always produces quality reviews that are well thought out and researched.


This blog is exactly what it says in the link and that is “fresh.” And a constant contributor by the name of GruBeats is whom I enjoy most. The way this author presents his posts are visually captivating and the ease of understanding the information is a breeze. He also links to videos of the songs when applicable.

Above Ground Magazine

This online magazine is a stellar melting pot of all things underground hip-hop/rap. One thing that I always notice is how much they value staying true to underground and what it means to be a true supporter. Here, you will find a little bit of everything presented in a visually pleasant manner. Not only does the site include reviews but it also includes a column and blog section.

COHH Curators of Hip Hop

This blog has a very different image and pace compared to the previously mentioned. They post articles that pertain more to the culture and lifestyle of hip hop. The posts don’t go overboard with reviews of songs or albums but rather focuses on the art and people of this niche. The writers for this site have rich backgrounds in journalism and it shows immensely in their work.

About jennyaffan

Jenny is a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in Journalism with a digital and social media focus. She can be contacted at jennyaffan@gmail.com.
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