Student Debt Beat J361

Student Debt.

In my opinion, it’s one of the hottest topics out there right now. People from every university and every walk of life are looking toward their graduation with a certain amount of excitement, but two-fold the amount of looming uncertainty. All of that money you would get every term that would help you pay for rent, food, or other goods is now coming back to get you with 5 percent interest rate.

Over the past year, as student debt eclipsed credit card debt as the largest amount of debt in America, the topic has become a pandora’s box of information for writers and bloggers for various publications. What I want to do is take a look at who is digging into this endless vat of tar known as student debt, and who is trying to make sense of it.

The Huffington Post / Student Debt Section

The Huffington Post isn’t always the most convenient selection, but they do provide a certain service of being able to bring all of the stories about a topic into one place. When it comes to student debt, they are jam packed with information.

Occupy Student Debt Campaign

Yes, they may have an agenda. But, they provide a lot of good statistical information about student debt and what legislation is going to be passed on said topic. This is a blog to take with a grain of salt, but taken nonetheless. There are many blogs like it, including and

New York Times / Student Loans Section

Like I said, everybody is jumping on board, even one of the most respected news establishments in the world. This blog is largely about the money and numbers, but that can be great supplemental information for someone trying to form their own opinions.

US News / Student Debt

They legitimately pull every story tagged “student debt” into their aggregation. Could be a good way to find stories, if you are willing to sift through the headlines.

College Financial Center

Somebody has to have a counter argument…

-Branden Andersen
MW 10:00-11:50

About Branden Andersen

Branden is a senior journalism major focusing on magazine journalism at the University of Oregon. He currently is the managing editor at FLUX magazine.
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1 Response to Student Debt Beat J361

  1. Suzi Steffen says:

    Excellent work on this, Branden. You know how to distinguish between PR and journalism, and between neutral looks and those with agendas. (And you tagged! Nice.)

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