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The city of Portland, Oregon is a hidden gem for many food lovers. Portland houses the most eclectic mix of restaurants and food carts that foodies could ever long for. Among this eclectic food scene, we are seeing a large increase of vegan food establishments in the city. This surge is causing local food writers and critics to take notice. The word of Portland’s expanding vegan food scene caught on like wildfire, leading to a vegan/vegetarian food special called The Veg Edge on Food Network’s Cooking Channel. The special aired in 2010 and featured several Portland vegan food carts. Vegan food carts are only the cusp of what this scene has to offer.

The vegan food scene in Portland is not your ordinary one. They don’t proclaim to “Keep Portland Weird” for nothing. Gone are the days of tofu laden entrees that are reminiscent in taste to a rice cake sandwiched in between two slices of white bread. The vegan chefs and cooks of Portland have taken on the challenge to create carnivorous meals, often missed by herbivores, into delicious vegan fare. (This is called to “veganize” something) Portland now houses a vegan trattoria, Portobello, and a vegan mini mall, whose occupants include Portland’s first all vegan bakery and café, Sweetpea Baking Company.

Along with the surge of vegan food, came the surge of vegan writers who felt so obliged to write about it. The Portland vegan food scene is so widely reported on that a vegan bloggers conference, Vida Vegan Con, was created and held in Portland last year. I have sifted through numerous blogs, websites, twitter feeds, and magazines to provide you with the most comprehensive list of the best reporting on the Portland vegan food scene.

Grant Butler of the Oregonian

Grant Butler is a fairly recent converted vegan that reports on vegan hotspots, events, cookbooks, cooking tips, and recipes in the Oregonian’s FOODday, A&E, and MIX magazine.  He is very open about his experiences with veganism and writes articles that takes us on his journey of living a vegan lifestyle. Grant Butler also has a twitter that he updates frequently with his two cents on what is going on in the scene and what you should avoid.

Follow Grant Butler at : @GrantButler

Get Sconed! Blog

Jess Sconé is the writer of this vegan food centric blog. She is the founder of Vida Vegan Con and a writer at the Stumptown Vegans website.  By visiting her blog, you get a better sense of what the vegan food scene is all about and what it has to offer. There are numerous restaurant reviews, where she is candid on what she likes and doesn’t.  Her blog is very informative and provides readers with lists of her favorite places to eat in Portland. The blog is a reliable source for vegan food adventurers as she is one herself.

Follow Jess Sconé at: @getsconed


Stumptown Vegans Website

This website holds a comprehensive list of reviews for almost every Portland vegan eatery.  When a new vegan spot opens up, they are quick to review it and tell the readers if it’s a place worth their time and money. Photographs accompany each review along with a charted rating system. The rating system is out of 10 and rates a restaurant’s service, food quality, atmosphere, vegan options and ultimately it is given an overall score. This is the place for people to be in the know of all of the vegan restaurants, food carts, and bakeries of Portland.

Follow Stumptown Vegans at: @stumptownvegans


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