Portland Trail Blazers Beat Blog (J361)

The Portland Trail Blazers have been playing in the Portland metro area since the late 1970’s and Oregonians love their Blazers. Ever since their only national championship in 1977 led by “Big Red” Bill Walton, the Blazers have an interesting and complicated history with fans in the Northwest.

The NBA has said over the years that Blazer fans are the most faithful and knowledgeable about their team, most likely because the Blazers were the only professional sport team in the state till the Timbers came along a couple of years ago. Oregonians are crazy about basketball and have been through serious good times, and not so good times. Portland was up there with the best of them during most of the 1990s but fell short thanks to Michael Jordan and his Bulls. Portland, along with the Los Angeles Lakers (or Fakers as we like to call them) battled for Western Conference dominance but always never seemed to climb the hump to win another championship. Most Blazer fans would like to forget much of the 2000’s and for good reason. This was the era known as the “Jail Blazers” where much of our roster were fighting with each other, getting arrested for crimes and became a laughingstock in the NBA.

Now in 2012 we are far past those times and heading into a bright future. Portland made consecutive playoff appearances in 2009 and 2010 but lost two fantastic players to injury that were hoped to bring Portland back into the spotlight: Brandon Roy and Greg Oden. Now they are led by All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge and a handful of very talented rookies and look to make the 2012 season and beyond a steady climb back into contention.


I follow this blog like a religion. They update every waking day with inside stories, game recap, previews, rumors, player analysis and stories that make the Blazers more than just a basketball team. They are part of a larger sports blogging network SB Nation and are at every home game to give details of the Rose Garden and the crowd during and after the game. I highly recommend Blazersedge.

Rip City Project

More of a lower level Blazersedge, RCP is also full of in-depth game recaps and only have about two-three writers (me included!). Most of the time they have interesting polls and previews for upcoming games.

Bleacher Report

Like SB Nation, Bleacher Report is more likely recongized with an larger audience, but I don’t believe the writers are actually living in the Portland area. Usually give opinions and rumors, Bleacher Report writers sometime have no idea what they’re talking about and give crazy, unrealistic views as what the Blazers should do.

Mike Barrett’s Blog

Mike Barrett is the play-by-play TV announcer for the Blazers on Comcast SportsNet. He has his own personal blog through the Trail Blazers official website and gives great opinion on players and life behind the scenes like what he’s doing to prepare for an away game.

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