Current Events Quiz #2 For Fall 2012

British Intelligence sergeant questioning a stranger in the deserted streets of a French town

Current events quiz: Not as hard as when this sergeant questioned this guy (seriously: This is what Flickr Creative Commons gave me for “quiz”).

This quiz is from October 1:

October 1, 2012
Suzi’s #J361/Reporting 1

Current Events Quiz #2

1. What is the City of Eugene raising in order to help its budget? (Something that happened on streets near the UO starting two years ago and is coming to downtown this year.)

2. Kenya is fighting Islamist rebels in what other country? Bonus: What happened in Kenya’s capital yesterday that may be a result of the country’s fight against those forces?

3. The Oregon volleyball team is where in the national rankings? (Hint: It’s the same as another team that gets a lot more media coverage.)

4. Name the man about to take over as China’s supreme leader, according to the New York Times. Bonuses: What’s the capital of China? What is the prevailing political/economic system in China?

5. Name any two MLB teams that have clinched a playoff spot; and name the team (or its home city) that won last night in the Seattle-Minnesota WNBA semifinal game.

6. The Beaverton School Board is discussing a community request to rename its high school football stadium after whom? (Description is fine; the full correct name will get you a quarter-point bonus.)

7. Austerity measures in Greece are leading to the rapid rise of what kind of political party? Bonuses: What’s its name? What’s the capital of Greece?

8. Residents of what Syrian city say that governmental forces are going door to door, telling them to leave, and then razing their houses? Bonuses: Fire swept through (and destroyed) the souk in what ancient Syrian city over the weekend? What’s a souk?

9. Young Israelis are tattooing themselves with what, in homage to their grandparents and great-grandparents? What did those elder family members survive?

10. Either explain what “Carmageddon II” was or explain what formerly top-secret weapon (during WWII) returned to the Bay Area yesterday.

Extra Bonuses:

Some tennis players and fans are applauding, and some are decrying, what kind of ban proposed for Wimbledon?

The family on what TLC program got a big raise after the second episode of their show?

About Suzi Steffen

Suzi Steffen teaches, writes, edits, reviews and rides (her adult tricycle named Momo) in Eugene, Oregon. For many years, she taught as an adjunct instructor at the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication. As of fall 2015, she's teaching at Linn-Benton Community College, and as of fall 2017, she's also teaching at Wenatchee Valley College in Washington State. Suzi edited Lane Monthly and works as an arts journalist across the state and country. You can find her at jprofsuzi on Twitter or email her at jprofsuzi at gmail dot com.
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