Conflict in the Middle East Beat Blog

The war and conflict in the Middle East is a popular topic today, especially because the U.S. itself is involved in a current war in the Middle East. The Middle East has had a long History of conflict ranging from different reasons such as geographic location, natural resources, and religion. Many resources online can give us great information about the events and history of this ever-controversial area.

Even today there is more than issues with the U.S. alone in the Middle East as there is raising concern about war with other countries as well. Worries of War in the Middle East from CNN shows how much conflict is still going on in this part of the world.

Many people have covered stories that uncover the reality of what is happening in the aftermath of war. One photographer just recently took a photo that portrayed the true horror of living in war. Massoud Hossaini’s Pulitzer Prize winning photo gave a very real and alarming glance into one twelve year olds experience.  Photographs like this give a glance into the true world that is neglected often by the countries that are not directly in the cross hairs of the danger.

Photojournalists and international correspondents are risking their lives everyday in order to bring the news and that is something that many people take for granted. Interesting stories can be found about many reporters who have put their lives on the line and even laid them down as well.

You can find great news blogs such as the news blog at the Guardian that give a lot of information on issues in the Middle East as well.

-Dani Dyer

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