Bike Riders J361 Dani Dyer and Branden Andersen’s Group

Walking, driving, or riding around Eugene, it is hard not to notice all of the bike riders who are making their way to various spots around town. Riding bikes and choosing more economically feasible ways to get around than driving is a very popular choice in the Eugene and Portland areas of Oregon. This is no doubt because of the beautiful land and foliage that is around the state of Oregon, which many want to see maintain it’s beauty for a long time to come. But there are other reasons why people of Eugene ride their bikes.

Parking around Eugene can be expensive these days, especially with the prices rising for meters at the University of Oregon. The university is a great place to find some bike riders and bikes, as there are many bike racks around campus encouraging the use of them. Just out side the Global Scholars Hall on campus there are rows of bikes. Also check out UO Cycling Team.

Another great place to witness a number of bikers is, of course, on the Eugene bike trails that lead to many parts of Eugene. These trails are the first thing you will see if you Google Maps bike trails in Eugene, Oregon and for good reason. These trails are a great bike expressway to get from downtown to the U of O, or even to the mall if you want to catch a quick movie.

Downtown, people largely use cycling as a way to commute to work, whereas in the Whiteaker neighborhood, people are seen riding bikes everywhere, despite numerous obstacles such as potholes.

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