Beat Blog Post: Theater

Before we had movies in America, people went to the theater. As great as movies are, they really can’t beat the experience of being in a room with a real audience and real actors, watching a story and characters unfold right in front of your eyes. Even though the bulk of our entertainment today comes from something involving a screen, live theater is still very much a part of the entertainment industry in America. On this blog, I will be covering those who are covering the world in theater.

The Broadway Blog is an insider’s guide to news and events happening in and around New York. It has information about upcoming shows, photos, tips for getting cheap tickets, and a lot more.

Seth Rudetsky is a talk show host on Sirius XM’s Broadway channel and professional pianist for Broadway musicals. His Twitter feed has plenty of Broadway-related facts, announcements, and behind-the-scenes pictures of his own work.

Since there is always a new show coming to Broadway, reviews are obviously very important. The Broadway Musical Blog collects reviews of new shows for people who want to know which shows to see while they’re in New York.

For people here in Eugene, the Eugene Weekly has a handful of people who cover local productions put on by community theaters here in town. has a performing arts page where they promote and review theatrical/musical/dance events in Portland and across Oregon.

Cory Weaver is a professional theater photographer. He has done a lot of work with the San Francisco Opera and with the Metropolitan Opera.

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