Automobile Transportation Around Eugene

The corner of 13th and Alder where a new traffic light system was put in place last year.

The back-in method can be stressful for those who aren’t skilled at the technique, as well as for bikes and cars behind the person parking.

The traffic changes to 13th avenue by campus proved to be daunting when first established. In the pictures above, a person can see the problem with having cars driving through a high pedestrian traffic area. One of the biggest changes was adding in the back-in parking which has helped and hurt the flow of cars, bikes, and walkers.

 Many still have to walk a considerable distance to their destination after finding a parking spot.

Parking lots fill up quickly and the price per hour can add up.

Eugene’s downtown is on the smaller side and the parking spots and garages are scattered over several blocks. These spots fill up quickly and many people end up walking farther to a restaurant or shop then they probably would have imagined. With meter prices rising in this area, it could change the way drivers think about traveling to downtown.

Cars wait in line to park in the Sacred Heart Medical Center garage.

Lastly, the garage at the Sacred Heart Medical Center is another location to find automobiles. There is a fee to park here and for those who park here regularly that could become a problem compared to others who bike or walk to this building.

-Jenny Affan

About jennyaffan

Jenny is a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in Journalism with a digital and social media focus. She can be contacted at
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