Traveling to campus unveils emotion of relaxation and irritation

Sunshine and decent temperatures in Eugene today has allowed for University of Oregon students to have options as they made their travels to campus for the first day of fall classes. While some Duck fans have choices when choosing how to get to school, walking or cycling for example, while others have no choice.

Sheri Chrissis of the hotdog cart on 13th, in between campus and the Duck Store, feeds the UO community rain or shine. Due to the large quantity of supplies needed for fall, Chrissis discusses the fact she has no choice but to drive her car. She comments, “During winter and stuff when things slow down I sometimes take the bus, otherwise it’s just too much.” Chrissis’ biggest irritation about driving? Fuel costs.


Sheri Chrissis

Ellie Howard, a UO student, was found reading in the sun as her bike sat just a few feet away. To no surprise, Howard biked to campus today. This mode of transportation allows her to leave her house at a later time than if she walked. While riding her bike is easy, Howard does get anxiety about the possibility of her bike being stolen after falling victim to a bike thief last school year.

Ellie Howard

Selena Moon, another UO student, was able to walk to class from her house. Moon says she enjoys walking because it is a time she can listen to music. The negative in Moon’s opinion; “it’s time consuming.”

– Group #1 Branden, Emily, Stephanie, Genny

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