Modes of Transportation for UO Students

There are many different transportation methods that students use to get to their classes at the U of O campus, whether it be by car, by bike, by bus, or by one’s own two feet. What is the primary mode of choice? It mostly depends on whether one owns a car, owns a bike, lives close to campus, decides to use public transit, or if the campus offers its own transportation services.

Stephanie Edwards is a senior student who chooses to take the bus because she lives in Fox Hollows, which is quite a distance from the UO campus. But, the bus isn’t the only mode of transportation for her. “It depends on how late I wake up,” Edwards says, “because sometimes I ride my bike if I don’t make it in time for the bus.”

Brittany House, another student, lives off campus and therefore drives her car to class because she usually misses the bus. “Today, I surprisingly woke up early enough to make it to the bus stop on time,” she says. Brittany was surprised herself that she was capable of waking up and making it to class on time, but she doubts that making it on the bus everyday will happen.

Kaylee Saunders is a freshman student that walks to class because since she lives in the dorms over by Agate street and is within walking distance to all of her classes, she feels that there is no need to use any other forms of transportation. But because she recently went off being on crutches, she would much rather use a different form of transportation besides using her two feet to get to class on time. But, walking is her only option because she doesn’t have a car at school.

All forms of transportation mentioned are able to get each student to class, although some students might have to leave earlier if they decide to walk. This might be the case if students decide to drive too because the parking meter spots quickly fill up at times. Same goes for public transportation. If the bus is too crowded, many students would have to wait for the next bus to arrive. It all depends on the situation, but all of these are reliable methods that help students get from class to class.

-Jeanne Pastore, Lauryn Newson, Nicholas Filipas

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