Getting to Class

At the start of every new school year, all students must figure out which mode of transportation they plan to use to make it to class. Some students have to change due to a new location, while others stick with their previous mode of transportation.
Nicole Kramer, a freshman at the University of Oregon, said she plans to walk to all her classes since she lives on campus in the forms.

“It’s handy,” Kramer says, “just five minutes away.” She also said there was nothing negative about walking to class.
Brit Englund, another student, decided to ride his bike to campus. Englund said it’s a good mode of transportation because it’s way faster, and that there really isn’t anything bad about riding his bike.

Everyone knows it’s always difficult to find a free and close parking spot on or around campus, but Kyle Garlick decided to drive and was successful at finding a spot. Garlick lives far away from campus, so driving is convenient and essentially his only way to get to class. The downside, Garlick said, was that it took awhile.

Colleen Stott, who walked to campus from her sorority, said it’s nice because “you can walk with friends.” Stott said the only downside is it’s cold for her first class at 8:00 am.

A mode of transportation is a successful one when the student makes it to class…on time!

-Abby Bochsler, Bridget Case, Jenny Affan

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