A History of Fire Station 2

A History of Fire Station 2

By Ryan Broadhead

Fire Station 2 located at 1725 West 2nd Avenue in Eugene, Ore. is one of the most important fire stations in the city. Responding to calls from the Whiteaker neighborhood, River Road, and parts of Santa Clara, Station 2 deals with a wide variety of calls ranging from minor problems to situations where life and death are on the line.

The firehouse began taking calls on February 12, 1999. At approximately 25,000 square feet, Station 2 is the largest fire station in the city of Eugene.

Attached to Station 2 is Eugene’s Emergency Services Center. The department’s administration and training building, the 9-1-1 communications center, Logistics shops and warehouse, and field training facilities and props make up the Emergency Services Center.

Fire Station 2 is composed of the Battalion 2 Chief’s quarters, a truck company, an engine company, a Water Tender, and a heavy rescue presence that can respond to search and rescue situations.

The Water Tender is more commonly known as a “water tanker” used to transport water to a fire in situations where water is not readily available.

Station 2 holds a truck company, which arrives at emergencies with a ladder and the equipment firefighter’s use subdue the fire.

An engine company on the other hand, is the vehicle equipped to hook up to a fire hydrant.

At Station 2 three firefighters are assigned to each the truck company and the engine company.

Most recently Station 2 has been in the news due to potential cutbacks. The result would be a potential closure of one of the two fire companies. It remains unclear about which company faced the cutback.

In an interview with Mayor Kitty Piercy, the Mayor said, ““The city decided to maintain both fire engines for the year.”




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