Thriving missionary support

During one of the recent church services at Santa Clara Church (SCC), Yolanda Liebenberg, a missionary from Zimbabwe, gave a presentation on the work that she had been doing in preparation to move to Africa permanently.

“This church has been so incredibly support of me and my mission work over the last few years,” said Liebenberg. “I am so thankful because they have continued to support my work even when it was difficult.”

Liebenberg, from Zimbabwe originally, will be returning to her home country at the end of May 2013 to begin a missionary program called YM2Z. With the idea of fulfilling both spiritual and intellectual needs, YM2Z reaches out to the small towns to teach women how to empower themselves and create a new life.

“These women need all the support we can give them and encouraging them to strive for a life that they didn’t think was capable of having without a man’s support,” Liebenberg said during her presentation.

Even though the church has been experiencing financial cut backs of their own, stressing the importance of supporting missionaries around the world is something Wright does not want the church to lose sight of.

“We have an obligation to the missionaries we support,” Wright explains. “When we are going through a difficult time here, they are going through just as much if not more every day.”

With this sort of positive outlook on supporting missionary work, the SCC agreed to support YM2Z with over $1,000 per month in both individual and the church community donations.

As the church community at SCC continues to grow, so will the support of mission work all around the world, according to Dr. Wright.

“We know that our efforts at home are begin used for the greater good globally.”

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