Profile Process

The best part of the profile assignment was getting to interview my subject and also hear from some of the other firefighters at Station 10 in Churchill.

The firefighters at Station 10 are some of the friendliest people I have met in my entire life. Both times I have gone to visit the fire station, what would start out as a quick 10 minute interview turns into hour long conversations over coffee. And next thing you know one day I’m riding along in the fire truck to an accident scene!

I have truly enjoyed getting to know Todd and the other firefighters and have learned that everything I’ve ever heard about firefighters is true. These men are without a doubt some of the greatest, most giving and selfless people on our earth. It has been a pleasure getting to hear their stories and write about them as well.

About tenleyk

Senior Broadcast Journalism major at the University of Oregon. Interested in sports, television and film, good food and traveling!
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