Party Rock

by Lorin Nelson

Flashing lights, bass bumping, and people grooving to the music is the scenery in front of Kenneth Morris every Wednesday night at Docs Pad in downtown Eugene.

Kenneth Morris, who is well known in Eugene as Tekneek, has been a Disc Jokey (DJ) “for quite a big portion of my life” Tekneek says. He has been Djing professionally for 12-13 years. Tekneek, originally from New Jersey, moved to Eugene 16 years ago and has worked in the downtown area trying to bring energy and entertainment to the nightlife.

Tekneek’s first encounter with DJing was in the 4th grade when he went to a friend’s house and saw his friend’s older brother scratching on vinyl records. Tekneek’s love and passion for the art of spinning records began that day.

“I come from a poor background.” Tekneek says. His passion for music and the art of DJing led his drive to collect music and save money to obtain the equipment he needed to pursue his passion. “When you do something that you’re passionate about you really don’t think about how much money you make.” Tekneek says.

“Nightlife wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for Tekneek. He was one of the first to interject his skills into local bars, which thus brought in the need for nightclubs in this city.” says Scott Scoot, DJ and owner of 1:11 Productions in Eugene. Tekneek says that throughout the years of working in Eugene he has helped promote and throw a lot of big parties which has helped his name gain recognition as well.

Along with DJing, Tekneek also worked for the radio station 94.9 FM Jamz for 5 years, before the owner sold the station in May of 2011 to Catholic Broadcasting Northwest Inc.  “We had a lot of support through the community with listeners”. Tekneek says. After five years of the station struggling to get advertising the owner ultimately sold the station.

Like all businesses, Tekneek faces problems. “Over the years, the industry has definitely become more political and I think thats why you see talented DJ’s like himself being under-utilized.” Says Scoot. Tekneek says that he is sometimes placed in a box in the sense that he only plays one style of music, however he says he is a versatile music professional and not only is capable but he enjoys playing all types and styles of music from hip-hop, reggae, old school, new school, and house music. Tekneek plans to continue to grow and sharpen his talent while entertaining the nightlife of Eugene with any and all styles of music. “The top reasons why I do it ‘cause I wanna help people have fun.” Tekneek says.

Unlike most DJ’s that work in Eugene, Tekneek uses the traditional style turntables. Some may say the traditional turntables are “old-school”.  “Turntables is no more old school then playing an acoustic guitar.” Tekneek says

Technology in the music world has advanced and many DJs use CD’s combined with the hands on feel of traditional turntables, Pioneer makes a popular type of this equipment known as CD-J. Tekneek uses this style as well because like in any profession it is important to continue to learn and move forward with trends and technology, however there is a  bit more “technique” that goes into the traditional style of DJing using tables, vinyl, and needles. Tekneek  says he uses his keen sense of sound for music and beats to mix records in to smooth sound that everyone can party to.

Recently Tekneek has added PartyRock to his name, PartyRock Tekneek, because he wants the community to remember that his ultimate goal is to help people have fun and continue to rock the party. The night fades on as the dance floor at Doc’s Pad becomes dense with people being moved by the music of PartyRock Tekneek.


Tekneek and Music Artist David Banner

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