Profile Woes

If you were to read my profile draft, you would know that I’ve made virtually no progress on the assignment. This is very frustrating, because I have not been just ignoring it and waiting until the last minute to start work on it. I contacted my subject a long time ago and have spent a considerable amount of time just trying to meet with him.

Today my subject told me that he would not be able to meet with me this week. This tells me it is time to find a new subject, which is entirely nerve-wracking as the assignment is due in, oh you know, two days. I have an idea of who I might like to profile, but no idea how to contact him short of knocking on his door and hoping he’s home and not totally creeped out. Hopefully I can play my cards right tomorrow and get out to Trainsong and find him at home.

I am a little upset with myself and my situation because this could have been a really fun assignment, but it has become little short of a nightmare. Unfortunately, at this point I just want to have the profile done and over with, which is disappointing and obviously not the point of the assignment. I think in the future I will have to be a little more assertive with my subjects and be willing to abandon ship if there is any doubt of it all working out.

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One Response to Profile Woes

  1. Suzi Steffen says:

    Yeah, we need to find you a new profile subject ASAP! DM me on Twitter, eh?

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