International Non Profit Founder

In spite of the the chaos with the end of the term assignments, I can see the last few deadlines approaching.  This assignment is much more complex than I originally anticipated and now that I tracked down my profile subject and conducted the interview, the hardest part is over. 

I first met my profile subject last winter while I was waiting at a bus stop in my neighborhood. I was carrying my French textbook and he began speaking to me in French. He introduced himself as Peter and we began talking and he told me about how he came here from Africa and started his own organization, of which I knew nothing about. He offered to help me with my French conversation skills or homework and gave me his business card for contact information. 

I never called him for help with French, but I dug his business card out of my backpack where it has been for safe keeping since the day he gave it too me just in case I found a need for it. 

When we got the profile assignment, I knew that the man I met at the bus would be perfect. I emailed Peter, whose real name is Kokouvi Oni, and he graciously agreed to help me.

About HeidiReeley

Hello everyone! I am a Senior at the University of Oregon majoring in Magazine Journalism and also working on a minor in French. I have never really been the person who had all of the answers, so it has taken me awhile to get to this place. Thankfully, I my love for reading every magazine I could and an interest in the visual appeal of magazines naturally led me to find my major. Also, I have been studying French since I was 14, and I recently studied abroad in Poitiers, France, so its about time to have something to show for it. At the UO, I work as a supervisor for the Annual Giving Program where we keep relations with donors and alumni of the university and raise money for academic funds. I'm also a designer for Ethos magazine, which will provide me with invaluable experience in the field of journalism that I hope to be a part of in the near future. Stay tuned for my next post on twitter: @heidireeley
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