Volunteer Library Coordinator opens up about her true passion in life


The River Road neighborhood seemed like an interesting district to cover; yet evidently I was unaware of how overwhelmingly large the area is. Surrounded by a multitude of local owned businesses, restaurants, and a variety of homes and other entities, the district can appear slightly overpowering in comparison to other neighborhoods. This caused a few nerves when researching for individuals to do my profile assignment on, due to how broad the area is.

While working on one of our previous assignments this term, I learned some information about the River Road Santa Clara Volunteer Library. Initially it did not draw any interest towards me, however as I researched more facts about the library, I became much more interested. Granted, at first it sounds a little boring to interview someone who works at a library, yet I was curious as to how this non-profit organization was able to upkeep funds and services with the lack of income that comes in.

I decided to give the library a phone call to see if anyone would even be willing to conduct an interview. I was directed to a woman named Linda Huston, who is the volunteer coordinator at the River Road Santa Clara Volunteer Library. She was nothing short of an intelligent, respectful, and even-tempered woman. She answered every question that I asked her, and had no issue giving me a detailed tour of the building. Being a librarian for over 30 years, Huston shared her passion and love for what she does, simply wanting to help out others. I commend how Huston’s ultimate goal is providing equal access to literature for everyone within the River Road area, due to how expensive it is for individuals to use the Eugene library.

I was able to make another meeting time with Huston and possibly a few other volunteers on Tuesday, which will hopefully add more perspectives and detail to the story. Despite the worrisome concerns that I had initially, the interview turned out to be rather relaxed, and I was very happy with the story I was able to share and learn about.

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