The Process of My Profile Story

I heard this story from my schoolmate, a girl who goes to this lady’s Bible class every often. As an international student, I deeply know that how hard to be involved into American society and social life when we are studying abroad here. International students feel lonely, homesick and even depressed very often, so how to change their life, bring them hopes and enrich their social life will be something important and attractive to me. That’s one of the reasons that I choose to contact my profile subject.

She is a nice and kind person, and I’ve got a lot of use information from her. Her house is not big, but giving people a feeling of home. I guess that’s why that I lot of international students like to enjoy her Bible study class in her house instead of other places because it’s warm and relaxing, especially to people who are far away from their home.

I started to contact her and make appointment with her since the time I know this assignment. I went to her home for individual interview twice and joined in her classes several times. Since I’m an international student, it becomes even harder for me to take accurate notes and quotes, so I have to do the record every time and spend more time on figure out how to organize information.

There are also some problems that I have during the whole process. First, I’m an atheist and nonbeliever, she tried to pursue me to be her Bible class student officially and come to the class, so I have to learn the communication skill that how to refuse without messing up my interviewee. Then, because I’m new to her students, some of them just didn’t want to tell me their story when the first time I went to the class, so I have to spend time with them and get the trust from them. Fortunately, I finally have what I need for my profile writing.

Although it is not easy for me, but I think I’ve learnt a lot during the process. I may still go to her class several times and have some more close observation of her class to perfect my assignment.

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