Tales of an Oregon dropout


For my profile, I interviewed Bryant Dodson, the store manager for the Starbucks. After offering me a free drink, he sat down and cheerfully gave me every detail of his life in chronological order. He was one of the charismatic people I’ve interviewed and I almost never had to prompt him for more information. He started with something really interesting, telling me that he dropped out of UO after his sophomore year. He went on to tell me how he was a perfectly successful, involved, happy member of society despite his lack of a college degree. He told about his adventures travelling all over the world and his work on city council committees. He said extremely interesting things about politics and the economy. He also had an intriguing perspective on downtown, talking about the business section of the neighborhood. His experiences were with the “suits” rather than the transients or students that are so often used as a downtown stereotype.

I feel like I have enough information for a good piece but I’m interviewing one of his employees for a secondary source.

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